Senior Package Options - Mark Malec Photography

We have built 4  package options that cover just about any wish !

Prices range from $150 to $575 depending on package option.  Click contact Mark at the top for all the details !

1)   Al la Carte session – 45 mins, 15 edited images, no print credits. Smaller package for seniors who don’t wish a large portfolio. All prints or digital copies must be purchased from gallery separately.

2)  Full Sessions - These sessions allow for 2 - 4 outfit changes. Session lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 hours and produce 25 fully edited images.  These sessions have two options

   - Print Credit package ( credits that can be applied to any print products)

   - Print Credit + Digital rights.  You will have download and print rights   along with the print credit

3) Multi Day Sessions - Greatest flexibility and the largest portfolio of images.  The muti day session can be scheduled any way you wish.  Back to Back , Weeks apart , or even seasonal - Think Summer/Fall shoot.   This also allow for different hair styles, outfits, and locations !! These session product 60+images

4) Night destination session - Single session or one of your multi days can be upgraded to the Night destination session.  Third Ward, Milwaukee Art museum, Lake Front.   We shoot half in the twilight and half at night to capture all the city lights for spectacular images. 

Click Contact Mark at the top and I will send you the package details and costs.